My Background

Hi, my name is Jim Dillehay and I am the originator and designer of this website. I have a degree in Music Education and I taught public high school music in Phoenix, Arizona. I have also had my own Entertainment and Production company, here in Southern California for over 35 years. I have performed at over 2,000 events as a DJ/MC, Musician, and Event Photographer. When I entertain, I enjoy using my teaching background in music, to connect with people, and discover the “hidden talent” in the audience.

I am also an “idea guy” who loves taking an idea and building a website around the concept. Here is one of our first Jam events at Lestat’s Coffee House in Normal Heights, San Diego. Back then, I called the session a “JamInTheMix”. It will give you an idea of how a JamForPeace works in a live situation.

Here’s a YouTube demo that features myself as a DJ/MC/Musician in live situations. I used this video to feature two sites: and

You can also check out other sites I have produced that will give you more info on my mindset and priorities. Some people would say that I am maybe “too political” but I would rather frame myself as a person who enjoys talking to folks who don’t think like me.

#PeacefulPersuasion, #StimulatingConversation, #1stAmendment, #Freedom, #Respect

(Yes, the site uses the title of the Dion song that was a hit in 1964)

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I met my beautiful wife in Tijuana Mexico and I now live there and work in San Diego. I am very proud that I was able to purchase a 5 letter .com for only $11.17. Companies can pay tens of thousands of dollars just to purchase a relevant 5 letter .com.

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On purpose, I really blurred this image of myself in my garb. When you are 69, you have to try every trick in the book!

A “Busker” is a street performer. I busk in Mexico and San Diego and I even have developed a

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UNITED STATES – SEPTEMBER 30: Dr. Martin Luther King with his mother and his wife, Coretta, are smiling and cheerful druing their interview yesterday in Harlem Hospital after being stabbed by Mrs. Isola Ware Curry.. (Photo by Al Pucci/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

Other San Diego Sites that I have Designed