Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to use the Joy and Power of Music to Bring us Together!

Dr. King and Music

This site is dedicated to the greatest peacemaker of the 20th Century – Dr. Martin. Luther King, Jr. This man knew how to Jam with people. Let me try and break that down for you:

What Dr. King Taught Us About Jamming

Dr. King taught people how to get along, to work with and “jam” with each other. He inspired people to be better! He taught us what it was to be a man of true character. His objective was to make skin color – irrelevant! He showed, by his example, the best and most effective way to protest racism and bigotry – WITHOUT VIOLENCE!

Dr. King’s wife, Coretta Scott King, was a music teacher and led the music in Dr. King’s Church. She also taught and played the piano. I think Dr. King also sang and played a little piano himself. I love this picture:

I do know, that when Dr. King spoke in his church, he would often have the band and choir remain on stage as he was preaching. They would be there to musically punctuate his preaching. To musically jam with “The Doctor”!

The “Healthy High”

Now I personally have never been high on a hallucinogenic drug. But people tell me they do it for the “high”. They are so drawn to that “high” that it may become the most important thing in their life. They will take that drug for that high even though it may ruin their marriage, put them in jail, or end up killing them. It is a terrible and expensive price to pay. That’s the Power of Drugs! Now, let me tell you about another Power that can be just as addictive:


I know this from experience! This is my highest high. But, here’s the thing . . . read the label . . . jamming with other people may become addictive. You may become an addict . . . you may get hooked! Oh yeah, if that happens, you will have one BIG side effect . . . . . . . . JOY! Oh Man, how I would want you to get hooked on this stuff!!

That strong pull to connect with others through music is nothing but healthy! I can also, almost guarantee that you will soon develop deep, healthy relationships with other people in our jam sessions. That is my prayer for you and me!

Houston, We Have a Problem!

Now, the only problem with traditional jamming is that you usually have to be a really good musician that is capable of hearing the chord changes to a song. At the very least, you have to be able to play from a chord chart that has the chord symbols and lyrics.

Oh yeah, and if you have a singer in your band, that singer may want you to lower or raise the key so that they can sing the song more comfortably without straining.

That means if you are playing something other than the drums or another percussive instrument – you need to be able to transpose the key to fit your lead singer.

At our sessions, you won’t have to worry about all that. That’s because we use an App called JamZone.com. It provides the lyrics and guitar chords of each song we jam to.

It also has all the musical parts of the professional studio band on seperate tracks – so it is NOT karaoke! The band sounds just like the original song – but you have the power to mute or un-mute each part, change the keys and tempo. It is the perfect tool for us to Jam on Zoom.

Which brings me to Zoom, which is now the #1 downloaded app in the world. If you have ever been in a Zoom session you know that you have the option to mute your audio or even your video. Which means if we are jamming to a song that you can’t play or sing with you can choose to download that song on your phone and PRACTICE so that you can really perform and jam with us in the future.

Also, if you want private instruction, we will get you a good teacher to help you learn the specific song you want to play or sing.

We Will be Launching Soon – Stay Tune!

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